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In modern society, scope of electronics engineering is very vast that applied in every field. Development of world that includes every area such as Digitalization, satellite, microelectronics etc is the outcome of talented engineers. Electronics Engineering is all about working with electronic science & communication equipments such as mobiles, fridge, transmitters, fulfilling the daily requirements of the people. This encourages students to understand the concept and design of the devices and bring new out innovations.

The Aim of Electronics engineering department to develop good professional electronics engineers with practical training, and hands on experience through industrial visits, seminars and workshops. So the content of electronics engineering is structured in a way to provide better opportunities in industry and increase confidence and chance employment prospects. The core advantage of this field is to include designing and developing complex devices and systems. The program also raises students for a range of increasing career options around them.

Electronics engineering emphasis on practical knowledge to the students with conventional theory as well. So it has given students with latest and new electronic kits to provide the hands on experience in laboratory. Electronics Engineering Department also ensures that students are rapidly advancing with new innovations and developments. Electronic circuits lab, digital electronic lab, PCB lab, microprocessor lab, Audio and Video lab, DSP lab, Analog & digital communication lab, CAD and electronic circuits’ lab are fully equipped with latest measuring instruments and software.

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